China’s $62BN Artificial River Project (Insane Features)

Saad Iqbal | 🗓️ Modified: June 4, 2024 | ⏳ Read Time: 4 min | 👁 Post Views: 24

China is embarking on the world’s largest water diversion project, aiming to defy nature itself. With thousands of kilometers of artificial canals, aqueducts, and tunnels that cross mountains, China plans to bring freshwater to its dry industrial centers in the north. This article explores the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, its costs, motivations, environmental impact, and … Read more

Collapse in HPP, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil May 2024 – Key lessons

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The horrific collapse of the Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) dam in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the critical need for robust dam safety measures. This disaster, which claimed several lives, compels us to learn from this tragedy and implement changes to prevent future occurrences. Key Lessons: Strengthening Dam Safety … Read more

Longest highway tunnel under construction makes new success in Xinjiang

Saad Iqbal | 🗓️ Modified: December 10, 2023 | ⏳ Read Time: 2 min | 👁 Post Views: 100

Significant advancements have been achieved in the construction of the Tianshan Shengli Tunnel in Xinjiang Uygur, marking it as the longest highway tunnel currently in progress globally. This tunnel plays a vital role in the Urumqi-Yuli Expressway, boasting a substantial length of 22.1 kilometers and traversing the formidable Tianshan Mountains. The initiation of the expressway’s … Read more

China’s New Offshore Wind Project with Towering Blades

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China is undergoing a substantial energy transformation as a pivotal component of its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. Ming Yang Smart Energy Group in China plans to construct the world’s largest offshore wind turbine, equipped with blades almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The company aims to develop a groundbreaking … Read more