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Determine Liquid Limit of Soil Specimen by Casagrande Method

The liquid limit test of soil is a laboratory test used to measure the liquid limit of soil and its consistency when it is wet. This test is a part of atterberg limits test with plastic limit test as the other part. Liquid limit is defined as the water content at which a soil changes from a plastic state to a liquid state. The test is performed by a device called a Casagrande apparatus…
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What are fender Piles? - Its Types, application and uses in construction

Ever wondered what fender piles are and why they’re used in construction? Fender piles are large vertical members driven into the ground next to the ship and they protect the dock or ship’s wharf from the vessel’s collision. Pre-stressed concrete Fender Piles are the material of choice for preventing collisions between fixed piers and boats. In this article we’ll…
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