Franki Pile – Definition – Applications – Advantages & Disadvantages

While you’re discussing about different types of pile foundation, it is important to know about Franki Pile.A pile is a long, slender member which is used to transfer the load of building to a suitable bearing stratum and provide overall support to the structure. A pile foundation is more common foundation nowadays. This type of foundation is preferred for multi-story building where…
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Pile Cut off Level – Pile Chipping – Reasons & Procedure (WITH PICTURES)

As per the definition, the pile cut off level is the elevation up to which the concrete of the pile head is chipped or cut off while exposing rebar. It is an important design parameter in case of pile foundation that allows the rebar of pile to embed in pile cap and uniformly distribute the load of the pier thereby acting as one monolithic structure.All the piles under the pile cap are chipped…
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