Canal Road Widening Project Update Pictures [Images]

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The project had been inaugurated by Lahore Development Authority (LDA) of worth Rs. 650 million. The widening section would be from Thokar Niaz Baig to Doctor\’s Hospital.

In this project the 18 feet additional line will be added to the existing canal road on both the carriageways. Among the 18 feet width, 12 -feet is allocated for Motor vehicles while remaining 6 feet would be for motorcycles.

Recently the asphalt work is underway by a contractor named \”AKB\” – Alam Khan Brothers Engineering and Construction (PVT) Ltd. whereas the consultant is NESPAK for this project.  It is to be noted that AKB company was founded by Mr Khan in 2001 and is currently being run by its CEO Mr Alam Khan. 

The company is also working on Construction of underpass in DHA Phase 5 Lahore, Khadam-e-Punjab Rural Roads Programme (KPRRP) Phase-IV,

In this project, to facilitate the movement of vehicles on both the carriageways some bridges are also under construction as can be seen in the below pictures.

Girders are being launched for the crossing of the canal

PTRs can be seen compacting asphaltic wearing course

Asphalt is being compacted

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Girders can be seen casted
Excavation of the widened section
Excavation of the widened section

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