Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation

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   Maximum intensity of pressure
applied to the underneath soil without failure of  the soil due to shear and/or
excessive settlement.

       This Presentation will help you to understand the major difference between General Shear Failure, Local Shear Failure & Punching Shear Failure. 
      The Presentation also includes:
  •           Formulas of FOOTINGS
    WITH One Way
  •           Formulas of Two way Eccentricities & Inclined Loadings.
  •           Development
    of Bearing Capacity Theory
  •          Assumptions
    for Terzaghi’s
    Method, Failure
    Geometry for Terzaghi’s Method.
  •           Groundwater
    Effects on Bearing Capacity
  •           General Bearing Capacity Equation 
  •         Theories of Meyerhof
    and Hannas about the Bearing Capacity of Layered Soils
  •         Field methods for measuring Bearing capacity (SPT Test) and corrections for this test are also discussed in detail.

 Some Solved related examples to topic are mentioned which will sure help you to understand the topic.

Link to download the presentation is:
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