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Download Rock Slope Engineering & Civil and Mining by Duncan C Wyllie & Christopher W Mah [PDF]

September 14, 2014
A variety of engineering activities require excavation of rock cuts. In civil engineering, projects include transportation systems such as highways and railways, dams for power production and water supply, and industrial and urban development. In mining, open pits account for the major portion of the world’s mineral production. 
The dimensions of open pits range from areas of a few hectares and depths of less than 100 m, for some high grade mineral deposits and quarries in urban areas, to areas of hundreds of hectares and depths as great as 800 m, for low grade ore deposits. The overall slope angles for these pits range from near vertical for shallow pits in good quality rock to flatter than 30◦ for those in very poor quality rock.  
"Download Rock Slope Engineering & Civil and Mining by Duncan C Wyllie & Christopher W Mah"

Title of the Book

Rock Slope Engineering
Civil and Mining

Edition of the Book

4th Edition
Download Rock Slope Engineering & Civil and Mining by Duncan C Wyllie & Christopher W Mah


Duncan C Wyllie
& Christopher W Mah

Contents of the Book

1. Principles of Rock Slope Design
2. Structural Geology and Data Interpretation
3. Site Investigation and Geological data collection
4. Rock Strength Properties and their measurement
5. Ground Water
6. Plane Failure
7. Wedge Failure
8. Circular Failure
9. Toppling Failure
10. Numerical Analysis
11. Blasting
12. Stabilizing of Rock Slopes
13. Movement Monitoring
14. Civil Engineering Applications
15. Mining Applications
16. Appendix 1,2,3,4

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  1. Thank you for your download, I am excited to start reading it this afternoon. I am 3rd year civil engineering student and really want to learn more about the field.