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Pantheon 2014 inter-college competition for civil engineers in India [locals]

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The civil engineers of CET (College of Engineering Trivandrum) have opened ICI (Indian Concrete Institute) Chapter in 2013. The idea behind was to conduct competitions, workshops. It has acted as a platform where ideas are shared, theories are questioned an classroom knowledge is challenged. 
ICI CET Students chapter is going to organize an event exclusively for civil engineers on 29th of August, 2014 by the title of “Pantheon”. It was conducted as a part of celebrating concrete day while adding luster to the 75th anniversary of college of engineering, Trivandrum.
Pantheon 2014 competition for civil engineers
There are 4 events going to be conducted in the competition. 

  • Best Engineer (IQ ability test)
  • Model Making
  • Civil Hunt
  • Workshop (About mix design)

Pantheon 2014 Registration Fees :


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Pantheon 2014 Fest Guests: 


Secretary General
Indian Concrete Institute

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