Roof Water Proofing Methods

In any building the element which is mostly susceptible to the ingress of water is the roof. So what are the roof water proofing methods? Roof slab is exposed to direct climatic variations, extremes of rainfall and structural movements caused thereby.With the advancements in chemicals and better understanding of construction materials different methods for water … Read more

7+ Important points regarding Grouting System of a Dam Structure

The joints between waterstop are to be formed by heat fusing as per recommendations of the supplier.  The contraction joints shall be pressure grouted with cement grout no sooner than 3 months after placement of the last lift of concrete at the joint to be grouted and when approved.  V notch grout groves shall be … Read more

Download Construction Waterproffing Handbook by Michael T. Kubal PDF

Since our beginnings, we have sought shelter as protection from the elements. Yet, even today, after centuries of technological advances in materials and construction techniques, we are still confronted by nature’s elements contaminating our constructed shelters. This is not due to a lack of effective waterproofing systems and products. Construction Waterproofing Handbook for free Waterproofing … Read more