15+ Important Points for Grouting of Post Tensioning Tendons – Backfill Grouting

Pre-tensioning and Post-tensioning is one of the widely used methods to enhance the load carrying capacity of the concrete structures like bridges, flyovers, dam spillways etc. After completing the pre-stressing the ducts or sheath pipes in post-tensioning is to be grouted with a suitable mixture with 24 hours after post-tensioning.  Grouting of Post-tensioning Tendons  The … Read more

7+ Important points regarding Grouting System of a Dam Structure

The joints between waterstop are to be formed by heat fusing as per recommendations of the supplier.  The contraction joints shall be pressure grouted with cement grout no sooner than 3 months after placement of the last lift of concrete at the joint to be grouted and when approved.  V notch grout groves shall be … Read more