ACI Code Concrete Overlays for Pavement Rehabilitation Download PDF

Hydraulic cement concrete overlays are used as a rehabilitation technique for both existing concrete and asphalt pavements. Concrete overlays offer the potential for extended service life, increased structural capacity, reduced maintenance requirements, and lower life-cycle costs when compared with hot-mix asphalt overlay alternatives.Concrete overlays have been used to rehabilitate existing…continue reading →

Download Advance Concrete Technology by John Newman Ban Seng Choo Book Free [PDF]

The effects of natural aggregates on the properties of concreteConcrete is defined as a workable mixture of a cementations material mostly cement mixed in suitable proportion with fine and coarser aggregate along with water.Concrete depending upon reinforcement is of two types, plain cement concrete (P.C.C) and reinforced concrete (R.C.C).Download Advanced…continue reading →

Determine the water absorption of coarse aggregate

@import url(; The limit of water absorption by coarse aggregates is determined so as to calculate the appropriate amount of water to be added to the concrete mix, thus modifying the water cement ratio. A bone dry aggregate would necessitate, while for wet aggregate water contents should be reduced.\"Determine the…continue reading →