3D Laser Scanning in Construction

3D Laser scanning technology that is also sometimes referred as high definition surveying (HDS), is a method of digitally capturing and collecting surface data with extreme precision using a beams of laser scanner which quickly captures the highly accurate distance of densely-scanned points over a given object. Laser scanning is…continue reading →

How 4D BIM Modeling Has a Highly Positive Effect on Construction Projects?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) generally offers the wider construction industry a wide number of productivity benefits including increased coordination, analysis, quantification, safety, sustainability and accuracy.How 4D BIM Modeling Has a Highly Positive Effect on Construction Projects?In 1910 Henry Laurence Gantt, an American mechanical engineer created, what is now known as…continue reading →

Civil Engineering Jobs in NESPAK for September, 2017

National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited (NESPAK), a leading International Engineering Consultancy Company requires the services of the following categories on contract basis:BIM Engineers / SpecialistsQuantity EngineersQuantity SurveyorsJunior Engineer C&M DivisionGeologistJunior EcologistJunior Engineer GT&GE DivisionBIM ENGINEERS/SPECIALISTS:B.Sc/B.E in Civil/Mechanical/ B.Arch or other relevant engineering degree with deep understanding of Building Information…continue reading →