Practical tips for Cooling a Room without AC

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Well, fellows the summer is upon us, and it’s good time to seek refuge for the upcoming uncomfortable hot weather. 

You know what, keeping your cool is critical to avoid healt concerns like heat stroke and exhaustion. 

Hell, Yeah!

What you say? 

Well, if you’re living in a rental without an AC; or you don’t want to use it around the clock, don’t worry!

I’m going to give you practical really actionable tips that’ll help you stay cool without an AC. 


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Now, Let’s delve straight in. 

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You might have heard the old saying 

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” 

    But what’s the point here? 

    Well, definitely; keeping your house cool help reduce your energy bills and also helps you stay comfortable. 

    Let’s start with our tip number one. 

    Tip#1 – Close your drapes or blinds. 


    We don’t want the sun to give us heat at this time of the year. What you say? 

    Obviously it’s important that you close up those drapes and won’t let the sun rays come inside your house. 

    Apply shades to that big beautiful window out there. So, try to find a medium-colored draps with plastic backing and that alone will help you get rid of the 33 % of heat. 

    If you’ve got some extra bucks, try and fetch that insulated cellular shades. 

    They’re even more helpful to stay you cool by 60 percent. 

    Tip#2 – Keep stove off

    Now, for the next tip; let me ask you a question. 

    In summers, what’s the room that you’d like to avoid going in? 

    Yes – obviously – kitchen. Why? 

    Because it has got that stove. 

    So, it’s best that you keep it off and try use some no-cook recepie. 

    Tip#3 – Use windows

    Now, for next I’ll say it’s my favorite. 

    Have you ever heard a term cross-ventilation

    Yes! That’s the most effective and cheap way to get rid of the hot air from inside of your house. 

    The trick is; 

    Keeping your windows closed during day time but in the evening open them up to let cooler air get into the house. 

    You can try placing a pedestal opposite to the window to help kick out the hot air. 

    Another trick. 

    Try to open smaller window for the air to get in and large window to let it out. 

    Tip#4 – Use exhaust

    Now, the AC does one thing very efficiently; and that is exhausting the hot air out. 

    But you don’t need an AC to do just this part? Use Exhaust fan to blow out the hot air. 

    So, try running the exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen to kick the hot air out. 

    If you’re living in a multistory property; try to keep the windows of upper portion always open. 

    It’ll take the cool air from downstairs and keep your house cool. 

    Now comes the most typical of what we do. Yes, Running a ceiling fan. 

    Obviously ceiling fan help you stay cool and uses 90% less energy than an AC. 

    Make sure your fan blades are set to run counterclockwise. 

    Tip # 5 – Let’s go DIY 

    Yes, you can you a bit of combinations to stay cooler, too. 

    You can try and hang a cold-wet sheet in front of the fan or try spraying cool water in the air, or place some ice cubes in front of the fan or placing frozen water bottles to the back of the fan. 

    All these tricks work and you’ll say well, I don’t’ need an AC now. 

    Tip #6 – Use landscape in your favor

    Now let’s take a bit of help from the outdoor landscape.

    Yeah! I’m talking about the trees. 

    If you’ve got shady trees around your house, you’ll definitely feel cooler in comparison to your neighbor who’s got none in the front yard. 

    So, try to use the awnings along with the tree branches to help your house stay cooler in summers. 

    Tip # 7 – Insulate Doors & Windows

    Now the text tip is to insulate your doors and keeping unused doors shut. 

    Yes, you’ve heard that right. 

    If you love staying in one particular room, so, close the doors of other rooms. You don’t want to taste the heat of other rooms, right? 

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    Closing off parts of the house keeps the cooler air concentrated in a single are and help you stay cool. 

    Similarly, we emphasize alot about caulking and insulating doors against nasty draughts. But the thing is important in summers also. That’s because we don’t want the hot air to come inside of our house. 

    Tip # 8 – Keep humidity at bay 

    Yes, humid climate can make your summers the worst of your life. 

    So, try and use a dehumidifier. 

    I know, I know that these dehumidifiers won’t reduce the room temperature. 

    But in reality, they can help control the sticky, thick air that will otherwise make your days more worse. 

    Have you ever thought why we feel more uncomfortable in humid summers? 

    That’s because humidity decreases the rate at which our sweat evaporates. So, we feel much hotter and sweatier in humid weather. 

    So, it’s always best to invest in a dehumidifier.

    So, you see we’ve got plenty of options to stay cool in summers without having to use our AC and pay hefty energy bills. 

    If you’ve got another secret tip that you’d like to share; do share it below. 

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