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The book about Principles of Structural Design is among other series of Handbooks being published by CRC publishers. Structural design is the systematic and precise investigation and examination of the stability, strength and rigidity of structures.

The basic objective in structural analysis and design is to produce a structure capable of resisting all applied loads without failure during its intended life.

Structural analysis is a tool to analyze any configuration of structure, while structural design is the method to design different cross-sections for particular member in-lieu of the calculated internal forces.

Structural design basis starts with the type of structure to be designed. For any structural design to commence, we require certain data. These data includes information about type of structure, site conditions, loading conditions, type of environmental exposure, earthquake zone and wind zone.

Structural Design is a method or tool by which we find out safe and economical specifications of a structure or a member of the structure sufficient to carry the load.

In other words finding out cross-sectional dimension, grade of material, amount of reinforcement etc. necessary to withstand the internal forces that we have got from structural analysis.

The Book comprises of 505 well written pages contained a detailed theoretical knowledge about the structural design for both steel structures as well as concrete structures.

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Title of the Book

Principles of Structural Design by W.F. Chen & E.M. Lui

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Content of the Book

1. Steel Structures
2. Steel Frame Design using advanced Analysis
3. Cold-formed steel structures
4. Reinforced Concrete Structures
5. Prestressed Concrete
6. Masonry Structures
7. Masonry Structures
8. Timber Structures
9. Aluminum Structures
10. Reliability-Based structural Design
11. Structure Configuration Based on Wind Engineering

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