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To provide a passage over an obstacle like a water body, a valley, canal or a road structure is built across that obstacle to span a space and allow the easy movement of the concerned bodies over those obstacles, such a structure is named as bridge. There are different types of bridges having different portions and parts but I will not be covering those parts and types here.
Today I will be sharing with you a very useful and very informative excel sheets programmed to design different portions and parts of bridges according to your requirement and your needs. The bridge design excel sheet includes 11 separate excel sheets.  The separate excel sheets are made to simple allow the easiness to be introduced.
These bridge design excel sheets are designed according the latest codes like ACI, AASHTO LRFD, etc.

Bridge Design Group

  • Bridge Concrete Girder Prestressed Concrete Girder Design for Bridge Structure Based on AASHTO 17th Edition & ACI 318-11 
  • Bridge Concrete Column Bridge Column Design Based on AASHTO 17th & ACI 318-11 
  • Bridge Box Section Bridge Design for Prestressed Concrete Box Section Based on AASHTO 17th Edition & ACI 318-11 
  • Concrete Tunnel Concrete Tunnel Design Based on AASHTO-17th & ACI 318-11 
  • Double Tee Prestressed Double Tee Design Based on AASHTO 17th Edition & ACI 318-11 
  • Concrete Box Culvert Concrete Box Culvert Design Based on AASHTO 17th Edition & ACI 318-11
  • Steel Road Plate Steel Road Plate Design Based on AASHTO 17th Edition & AISC 360-10 using Finite Element Method
  • Flange Tapered Girder Flange Tapered Plate Girder Design Based on AISC Manual 14th Edition (AISC 360-10)
  • Prestressed Concrete Pole/Pile Prestressed Concrete Circular Hollow Pole/Pile Design Based on ACI 318-11 & AASHTO 17th
  • FalseworkFalsework Design for Steel Girder Bridge Based on NDS 2012 & AASHTO 17th 
  • Polygon Capacity Polygon Section Member (Tubular Steel Pole) Design Based on ASCE 48-11
Download Free Excel Sheet (xls, xlx) for Bridge Design

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