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Water Proofing and Insulation Services by GreyFix Construction

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GreyFix Construction, specializes in roof treatment, Building waterproofing and insulation, foam concrete and Concrete Admixtures. The treatement may be applied for :-

Water Proofing and Insulation Services by GreyFix Construction
Water Proofing and Insulation Services by GreyFix Construction
  • Roof
  • Watertanks
  • Baths
  • DPC
  • Basements
  • Pools
  • Exterior walls
  • Expansion joint
  • Bonding agents
  • Crack fillers
  • Repairing mortar
  • Epoxy treatments
  • Primers
  • Cement admixtures
  • Foam concrete
water-proofing membrane
interior and exterior finishes
light weight concrete (foam concrete)
Address : 
i-10 islamabad
Call 0322 6047836

Need a waterproofing solution???
for any technical/sales/visit querries, you can whatsapp/call anytime to our representative at 923226047836
Rawalpindi, Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan
Suppliers of waterproofing membranes & chemicals, admixtures & sealants
structure Walls
Basement, underground watertank, Roof, Join, Balconies, decks Terrace or, roofs Gree, Overhead Water tanks, Swimming pools
exterior walls etc

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