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Field Density by Core Cutter Online Calculator Application

October 06, 2016
Knowing the density of soil at field is of utmost importance for a transportation and civil engineer. The Soil under the action of load consolidates and settles due to empty pores and spaces and also due to expulsion of moisture and air within those pores and interstices.

You can read about the test, its procedure, limitations and apparatus in the field below :-

This online Calculator will help you to calculate all the values and the formulas automatically, just enter the values in the fields below and submit the form the results will be displayed in the output section of the application below :- 

Calculation of Field Density of Soil by Core cutter Method
Select Units
Height of Mould = h =Enter one value either in inches or mm
Internal Diameter of Mould = d =Enter one value either in inches or mm
Weight of empty cylinder without colar = W1 =kg or lbs
Weight of cylinder & wet soil = W2 =kg or lbs
Input Values for Moisture content determination of soil
Weight of container for sample of soil = Wc =gms or lbs
Weight of wet soil plus container = Wcs =gms or lbs
Weight of dry soil plus container = Wdsc =gms or lbs
Volume of standard drive cyliner = V =ft3 or in3
Bulk Density of Soil = γ b =kg/m3 or lbs / ft3
Moisture content = m =%
Field Dry Density = γ d =kg/m3 or lbs / ft3

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