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One common quote is that \”Surveying is the heart of civil engineering\”. Taking this quote in to consideration the book on Engineering Surveying is being written with in depth full knowledge of surveying including leveling, plane table survey, traversing, triangulation etc. 
Foremost among these developments are the modern total stations, including the automatic self-seeking instruments; completely automated, ‘field to finish’ survey systems; digital levels; land/ geographic information systems (L/GIS) for the managing of any spatially based information or activity; inertial survey systems (ISS); and three-dimensional position fixing by satellites (GPS).

Engineering Survey by W. Schofield

In order to include all this new material and still limit the size of the book a conscious decision was made to delete those topics, namely photogrammetry, hydrography and field astronomy, more adequately covered by specialist texts. In spite of the very impressive developments which render engineering surveying one of the most technologically advanced subjects, the material is arranged to introduce the reader to elementary procedures and instrumentation, giving a clear understanding of the basic concept of measurement as applied to the capture, processing and presentation of spatial data. 
Chapters 1 and 4 deal with the basic principles of surveying, vertical control, and linear and angular measurement, in order to permit the student early access to the associated equipment. Chapter 5 deals with coordinate systems and reference datums necessary for an understanding of satellite position fixing and an appreciation of the various forms in which spatial data can be presented to an L/GIS. Chapter 6  deals with control surveys, paying particular attention to GPS, which even in its present incomplete stage has had a revolutionary impact on all aspects of surveying. Chapter 7 deals with elementary, least squares data processing and provides an introduction to more advanced texts on this topic. Chapters 8 to 10 cover in detail those areas (curves, earthworks and general setting out on site) of specific interest to the engineer and engineering surveyor. Each chapter contains a section of ‘Worked Examples’, carefully chosen to clearly illustrate the concepts involved. Student exercises, complete with answers, are supplied for private study. 
The book is aimed specifically at students of surveying, civil, mining and municipal engineering and should also prove valuable for the continuing  education of professionals in these fields.

Title of the Book

Engineering Surveying

Edition of the book

Fifth Edition

Author of the Book

W. Schofield


Basic concepts of surveying
Vertical Control
Control Surveys
Satellite Positioning
Setting out (Dimensional Control)

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