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Vehicular and Industrial Combustion Emissions Presentation

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Combustion is a process by which any thing burns, in our industries and in our vehicles we utilize this process to get some energy and then some power. But these combustion processes are not prefect and thus we have some emissions along with it which produces many harmful and hazardous effects on our environment.
vehicular and industrial combustion emissions

Abstract of the presentation

In this presentation we will introduce to you the process of combustion going on there in the vehicles and in the various different industries like cement industry, paper industry etc. Then we will cover why the emissions are generated from vehicles and from the industries. After that the introduction of fuel is there, that what are fuels, what are their various types. Then the introduction of certain vehicular and industrial combustion emissions is there like; Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and others like Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoixde, Sulfur dioxide, NOx etc.
After this the harmful effects of these emissions is produced on the health of humans and on overall environment like ozone depletion, ground ozone production and smog formation, and at last the global warming.
At the end we have discussed what are the various responsible organization, how they are trying to control vehicular and industrial combustion emissions, and then various recommendations are produced.

Conclusion of the Presentation:

  1. Vehicular and industrial combustion emissions are health damaging to alarming level.
  2. Increase in economic standards of community, more usage of products, more vehicles more pollutants
  3. Pollutants from industries and vehicles causes severe health problems like cancer, heart diseases and breathing problems.
  4. Pollutants also effect indirectly in the form of acid rain, smog formation and climate change
  5. Introduction of environment friendly technologies like fuel cells etc
  6. By spreading awareness among masses will greatly improve the quality of air we are breathing in.


Authors of this Presentation


Preparation Date:

Thursday 18-Dec-2013

Keywords to Reach Here

Vehicular and industrial combustion emissions, vehicular emissions, Particulate matters, Volatile Organic Compounds, Industrial Emissions, smog formation, global warming, global warming and transportation, role of transportation in global warming

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