50 Posts for Permanent Job in Punjab Irrigation Department for Freshers & Experienced Civil Engineers 2018

Irrigation Department  of the Punjab is a Government deprtment with over with over 52,000 employees of the Provincial Irrigation Department. It is aimed to do river and riverain surveys, barrages construction work and canal works, tubewels flood control and protection schemes, drainage schemes and construction of reservoirs.  In most of the cases the recruitment in … Read more

What is Canal Lining, Types of Canal Lining

Conservation of water supplies is increasingly important as the demand continues to increase and new sources of supply are becoming increasingly scarce. The principle of conservation requires that full use of available water be made by minimizing the water loss due to seepage during conveyance in the canals. Canal lining offers the solution because it … Read more

Download Irrigation and Hydraulic Structures by Dr. Iqbal Ali [PDF]

The subject of Irrigation has assumed a worldwide importance since it holds the key to provide food to the teeming billions living in developed and developing countries. The science of irrigation engineering vary from situation to situation. The science of irrigation engineering vary from situation to situation. In the riverless middle east it depends on … Read more

What is Irrigation Canal, Construction of Irrigation Canal [IN PICTURES]

As we already know that by definition irrigation is an activity in which we provide water to the land or soil. The basic purpose of applying water to the soil is to grow agricultural crops or maintain a landscape. It  is necessary in areas where the natural rainfall is not sufficient to suffice the basic … Read more