9+ Uncommon and Rare Type of Beams you don\'t know

As a civil engineer and construction expert, you’d be familiar with a lot of common beam types and kinds but did you know there are a lot of uncommon types of beams you don’t know. Or in other words there are many uncommon types of beams you should know and in this post I’d be sharing all those uncommon structures that are rarely used but are unique, special, scarce and…
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27+ Civil Engineering Status for Whatsapp Group

Civil Engineering we all know is a field of rough and tough people, the civil engineers work hard 24 x 7, don’t get holidays often and are bound to live away from their families sometimes. But, they are human beings whose nature is to be social and there is no other…

Sieving soil in a very funny way VIDEO

This can be categorized as the most funnies video you can ever watch. It will make you laugh for sure. Hope you have done sieving in order to get proper gradation of aggregate (fine or coarser) but this guy have broken all the records for speed and accuracy. Just have a…