Rain water harvesting and water scarcity problem in Pakistan

The following paragraphs will explain a thing that will let anyone to easily say at the end that the problem always born while taking the solution within itself. The problem we were trying to get the rid off is basically “Water Scarcity” problem, it defines the shortage of water not due to the lack of … Read more

Global Warming and Climate Change efftects, reasons and differences

First let us talk about the brief introduction about what is global warming, what is climate change; what is the relationship between these two. Now for very common meanings Global warming may be defined as;     “A gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the green house effect caused … Read more

Environmental Problems In Rawalpindi And Islamabad

Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan, is the land of green lush grass covered grounds and sky kissing high mountains of Margalla, Wide tree-lined streets, large houses, elegant public buildings and well organized bazaars, Rawalpindi the joined twin city of Islamabad is showing the face of old traditions, narrow streets, old architectural buildings. The two cities … Read more