Design of Flat Plate Slab [pdf]

Structural Concrete Slabs are constructed to provide flat surfaces, usually horizontal, in building floors, roofs, bridges, and other types of structures. The slab may be supported by walls, by reinforced concrete beams usually cast monolithically with the slab, by structural steel beams, by columns, or by the ground. The depth…continue reading →

Railway Track Design online Calculator

Railway engineering is a significant branch of transportation engineering, Railway transportation is an on-land transportation system with air ways and sea ways as other parallel off-land transportation means. Railway transportation share a healthy burden of transportation of a community or country, carrying large bulky luggage from one end to heavy…continue reading →

Linear Interpolation made easy

Linear Interpolation is a very efficient and useful technique to get a required data from a limited source of data. In Civil Engineering we have to deal with a lot of calculations like minimum thickness table in Reinforced concrete structures, in Structural Number Calculation in Transportation engineering and so many.linear…continue reading →