How 3D building models can aid construction projects in sustainability

When we think about the construction industry we often think about a ‘bricks and mortar’ type situation where development runs rampant, often at the expense of the environment. However, advances in digital and virtual technology, particularly within the sphere of 3D modeling and building information modeling (BIM), have a strong…continue reading →

3D Laser Scanning in Construction

3D Laser scanning technology that is also sometimes referred as high definition surveying (HDS), is a method of digitally capturing and collecting surface data with extreme precision using a beams of laser scanner which quickly captures the highly accurate distance of densely-scanned points over a given object. Laser scanning is…continue reading →

How 4D BIM Modeling Has a Highly Positive Effect on Construction Projects?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) generally offers the wider construction industry a wide number of productivity benefits including increased coordination, analysis, quantification, safety, sustainability and accuracy.How 4D BIM Modeling Has a Highly Positive Effect on Construction Projects?In 1910 Henry Laurence Gantt, an American mechanical engineer created, what is now known as…continue reading →