Full houses have been constructed using the three-dimensional printers

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Three-dimensional printing is a form of modern manufacturing technology, which goes to a large number of the leading plastic household items, toys and many other industry companies. We have seen in the past few days that a range of different tools in various industries have been made by its industry by these printers.
The latest achievements of these printers is to build a full house in all its minute detail using 3D printers, and this is what happened in China\’s Jiangsu province, and specifically in the industrial park, which was created a set of new houses by a huge 3D printers, exceed a height of 6 meters. One of these big houses up to five story high and wide, and equipped with all the details of a real home.
In order to ensure the strength of this construction, it has been providing printers with a mixture of different materials (such as glass, steel, cement, etc.). This is happening for the first time in the building that is fully home by these printers. This work is the advancement of a real revolution in the field of building and construction technology, but currently, this house cost at least 150 thousand countries.

3D printers work mechanism

The basic idea of ​​the mechanism of action of 3D printers in the formation of three-dimensional body, is the development of successive thin layers of a material on top of each other. The advantage of these printers is that they are usually faster and advantageous and easier to use than the other dedicated to the manufacture of technological devices. 
And it allows three-dimensional printers developers the ability to print complex installation overlapping parts, can also be parts of different materials and mechanical specifications manufacturer of various physical and then fitted with each other. Advanced technology to print three-dimensional models to produce identical copies in the required shape and texture.

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