[PDF] Estimating Costing Book by M.Chakraborthy ▽ free Download ▽

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Looking for an estimate book pdf free download? Look no further as we have got this amazing book by M. Chakraborthy that is well known as the best estimate book pdf. Construction estimating is a very vast knowledge and this book is complete in all respect. I’ve found this estimating book in pdf that covers project estimate, valuation, accounts, contract, planning and CPM. It covers all the principle and applications that are must to learn in civil engineering.

One of the standout feature for this book is that it includes computer estimation to make it simple for you to make your own computer excel spread sheets of estimates for cost valuation.

[PDF] Estimating Costing Book by M.Chakraborthy ▽ free Download ▽
[PDF] Estimating Costing Book by M.Chakraborthy ▽ free Download ▽

Estimating & Costing in Civil Engineering

If you’ve worked for civil engineering projects you might already know how important an estimate is for a successful business. Whether you’re working on behalf of client i.e. as an engineer or you yourself is a contractor – accurate estimates are equally important. You need to be pretty clear about the methods of measurements, specifications of materials and how to evaluate the project cost as well as quantity of materials.

If you’re a planning engineer, estimating is also important for you. You need to deploy resources and labour during planning stage to meet project deadlines. So, whether you’re working in a road project, or dam project, water supply & infrastructure project, sewerage network, building, retaining walls or whatever, this book covers all of them.

This book serves the purpose of encyclopedia and bible for the estimating in building construction pdf download.

The book is 7th edition while the first edition was published in 1963 at Calcutta.

If you’re working on behalf of a client and are willing to write specification of project, this book covers the most. It deals with different type of specifications and materials like bricks, cement, sand, water, reinforcement, earthwork, brickwork, flooring, RCC work, plastering, distempering, painting, polishing, stone masonry, roofing, and flushing.

In the chapter of estimate for buildings, it deals with roomed building, two roomed building and there is comparison of costs. It uses different sections of walls with comparison of costs. Detailed estimate for all buildings are explained.

If you’re going to undertake some renovation work for an old building, it gives you the idea of how to evaluate that as well. It covers all working drawing including site plan, key-plan, schedule, external services, and finishing works.

Title of the Book

Estimating, Costing & Specification in Civil Engineering

Table of Contents of the Book

The book comprises of 26 chapters with table of content as under:

  • Chapter I Introduction
  • Chapter II Different Types of Estimates.
  • Chapter III Approximate Estimate
  • Chapter IV Method of Building Estimate
  • Chapter V Estimate of Building
  • Chapter VI Reinforced Cement Concrete Works
  • Chapter VII Sloped Roof and Steel Structure
  • Chapter VIII Doors and Windows
  • Chapter IX Water Supply and Sanitary Works
  • Chapter X Roads, A-Earthwork
  • B – Bridges and Culverts
  • C – Pavement
  • Chapter XI Irrigation Works
  • Chapter XII Electrification of Building
  • Chapter XIII Analysis of Rate
  • Chapter XIV Estimating of Quantity of Materials
  • Chapter XV Specification
  • Chapter XVI Method of Measurement of Works
  • Chapter XVII Project Estimate
  • Chapter XVIII Public Works Accounts
  • Chapter XIX Contracts
  • Chapter XX Writing up of Measurement Book
  • Chapter XXI Arbitration
  • Chapter XXII BAR Chart, C P M and P E R T Net Work
  • Chapter XVIII Valuation
  • Chapter XXIV Computerised Estimation
  • Chapter XXV Review Questions
  • Chapter XXVI Prevalent Schedule of Rates
  • Appendix I Conversion Tables
  • Appendix II Metric Standard Steel Tables
  • Appendix III Exercise
  • Index

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The PDF of Estimating Costing Book by M.Chakraborthy is available to download for free.



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