How Dangerous is a Penny Dropped From a Skyscraper? (Truths Revealed)

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Ever heard the story about a penny dropped from the Empire State Building being lethal? It’s a popular urban legend, but how true is it? Let’s dive into the science behind this intriguing myth and see if it holds any water. The Penny Myth Explained Many people believe that a penny dropped from a skyscraper … Read more

This is World’s Largest Tunnel Boring Machine with over 40 meters high Blade

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Switzerland is renowned for its stunning landscapes and engineering marvels. One of its most impressive feats is the construction of massive tunnels through the Swiss Alps. But have you ever wondered how these tunnels are created? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of tunnel boring machines (TBMs) and discover the incredible technology behind Switzerland’s biggest … Read more

This Guy got himself buried in the concrete to explain how Concrete Works?

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Concrete is everywhere, from towering skyscrapers to sprawling highways. But what exactly makes this ubiquitous material so indispensable? To answer this, one daring individual took a hands-on approach—getting buried in concrete to explain its properties and significance. Cement vs. Concrete: Clearing Up the Confusion One common misconception is that cement and concrete are the same. … Read more