11 Ways how AI is transforming the Construction Industry (MUST KNOW)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in reshaping various industries, and the field of construction is no exception. It brings forth a wave of advancements, offering benefits ranging from enhanced safety measures to increased operational efficiency. Many Problems – One Solution – AI AI is becoming a game-changer in the construction industry, offering … Read more

List of 5 World’s Longest road tunnels under construction in 2023

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You might have heared about the progress made on the colossal Fehmarnbelt under-sea tunnel, connecting Denmark and Germany. This massive undertaking, valued at €7.1 billion (US$7.5 billion), is currently in full swing. Concrete sections essential for constructing the immersed tube tunnel are now being manufactured at an expansive factory near the Danish entry point in … Read more

List of 10 Ancient Civil Engineering Projects Still doing GOOD

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Throughout recorded history, humans have embarked on monumental engineering projects, leaving behind remarkable structures that continue to defy the passage of time. This article explores ten ancient civil engineering projects that not only have stood the test of time but still actively serve their original or adapted purposes. 1. Furlo Pass Tunnel (Via Flaminia), Italy … Read more