25 key points for civil site engineer (MUST KNOW)

Site Engineers Play an important role for the success or failure of any project; they are the front force of any construction or consultant company, they have to face harsh weathers, large amount of man power; and they comes in direct execution of any project; to know more about site engineers, what are its responsibilities; … Read more

918 meters long concrete water bathtub in Germany

You might have seen roads crossing over each other in an interchange where one road is being lifted over the other to avoid conflicts, reduce time delays and avoid accidents, but until now you must not have seen two waterways carrying huge bulky barges (ships) crossing one over the other. Named as “Europ’es Larges Water … Read more

Difference between a culvert and a bridge:

A very common confusion between two vital structures is present among students and engineers as well that is “What is the difference between culvert and a bridge”. Culvert and a bridge both span a clear space and looks similar to each other, but there is a clear difference between their purpose as well as their … Read more