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Use of Soil-Cement in Pavement and Highways

September 30, 2016
Soil cement is a highly dense and tightly compacted, hard or semi-rigid, durable and low cost mixture of pulverized natural soil, cement and water that hardens as a result of hydration reaction of cement and water.

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It is a low cost paving material when used as a base in the pavements for protection of subgrade, or used as a facing material for earth fill dams where suitable riprap is not available, or used as a bedding of drainage concrete heavy pipes, or is also used as slope protection.

Soil cement is different from general ordinary Portland cement paste in the sense, that soil-cement has a lower cement content and it does not form cement past within its matrix but it forms a matrix that has nodules of uncemented material.

Use of Soil Cement in Pavement and Highways 

It is a known fact the service life and the quality of the pavement depends primarily on the behavior and performance of the foundation soil. Soil cement due to its characteristics of easy construction, low cost, low maintenance is now widely used as a base or subbase material.

An important thing to be noted here is that soil-cement is not a surface material it is a base material that needs a wearing surface of any material like asphaltic and bituminous treated wearing course or 9” of hardened reinforced concrete or something depending on the usage of highway and characteristic of traffic.

Now let us briefly discuss about the ingredients of the soil cement.

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