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Download free Principles of Geotechnical Engineering by Braja M. Das 5th Edition [pdf]

July 23, 2014
As far as definition of soil is concerned soil may be defined in many ways; but in this book soil is defined as ;
 ,  soil is defined as the uncemented aggregate of mineral grains and decayed organic matter (solid particles) with liquid and gas in the empty spaces between the solid particles
Soil is used as a construction material in various civil engineering projects, and it supports structural foundation as well. Thus civil engineers must study the properties of soil, its origin, grain size distribution, ability to drain water, compressibility, shear strength and load bearing capacity or bearing capacity. 

Soil Mechanics of geotechnical engineering can be defined as ;
Branch of science that deals with the study of the physical properties of soil and the behavior of soil masses subjected to various types of forces.
Soils engineering is the application of the principles of soil mechanics to practical problems. Geotechnical engineering is
 the sub-discipline of civil engineering that involves natural materials found close to the surface of the earth. It includes the application of the principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to the design of foundations, retaining structures, and earth structures.

  Title of the Book

Principles of Geotechnical Engineering


5th Edition


Braja M. Das
California State University, Sacramento


To download Free Principles of Geo-technical Engineering by Braja M. Das 5th Edition Click the following button;


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  2. This is a very good book. I will recommend this book to all civil engineers who are studying at B.Sc in Civil Engineering and who wants to learn the basic of geotechnical engineering