10 things construction manager must consider

Are you a project manager or going to
manage your projects? if Yes then These ten rules will help improve your
construction projects. Are these ten rules the top ten? It is up to your
decide, but not take too long. Share these rules with your team. Your team
members are sure to help you carry them out.
1. Adopt practices for exploring a
variety of perspectives.
10 things construction manager must consider
Construction managers
 We think we see what we see, but we don’t. We really see what we think.
Remember the blind men and the elephant. Make it your habit to inquire what
others see. You’ll see more together.
2. Stay close to your customer.
Clients’ concerns evolve over the life of a project. Take advantage of that to
over-deliver. Stay in a conversation with your client to adjust what you are
3. Take care of your project team.
We’ve come to accept that the customer comes first the customer is always
right. We can’t take care of the customer if we first aren’t taking care of our
project team. It’s a challenge. While there are some things we can do for the
whole team, it comes down to taking care of each team member as the individual
that he or she is. And to make it more difficult, then we must bring their
various interests into coherence.
4. Keep your eye on the overall project

Project work can be difficult. It is easy to loose sight of what we are doing
and why we are doing it. Remind your team and yourself of the overall promises
and how you are doing fulfilling those promises.
5. Build relationships intentionally.
Project teams come together as strangers. To do great work, innovation,
learning, and collaboration all take people who like and care for each other.
Don’t leave that to chance. Start your projects by building relationships among
team members.
6. Tightly couple learning with action.
Projects are wonderful opportunities to learn. Don’t put that off for the after
project lessons learned. Make it your habit to incorporate learning loops in
all your project activities. Your team will appreciate it. Your customer will
benefit from it. And best of all, it will make your job easier.
7. Coordinate meticulously.
A project is an ever-evolving network of commitment. Keep that network
activated by tending to the critical conversations. See that people are making
clear requests, promises that have completion dates, and share opinions that
advance the purposes of the project. Without attention to those critical
conversations the project will drift.
8. Collaborate. Really collaborate.
Make it your rule to plan with those people who will be the performers of the
plan. Don’t wait until the project has gone south to get their help. Start out
that way. Continue collaborating as the usual way you work through the project.
9. Listen generously.
People are able to say what they can in the moment. For the most part, people
are well-intended. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Take the time to listen.
Ask questions. Seek others’ opinions. And while you’re at it, don’t be so harsh
on yourself.
10. Embrace uncertainty.
Expect the unexpected. There is far more that we don’t know and can’t know than
what we can anticipate. Be resilient to what life throws at you. Anticipate
that your team will learn something along the way that can and should change
what you have promised and how you can deliver on your promises. And when you
take a set-back – we all do sometime or another – review the other
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