Download Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering Book by C.P. Kaushik, S.S. Bhavikatti, Anubha Kaushik [pdf]

Download Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering Book by C.P. Kaushik, S.S. Bhavikatti, Anubha Kaushik [pdf]

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Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering which is growing right from the stone-age civilization.  American Society of Civil Engineering defines civil engineering as;
  "the profession in which knowledge of the mathematical and physical sciences gained by study, experience and practice is applied with judgement to develop ways to utilize economically the materials and forces of the nature for the progressive well-being of man."

About the Book

 In this book various civil engineering infrastructure projects for 21st century are listed and the role of civil engineer is presented. Apart from civil engineering there are other infrastructural facilities required by the public which need coordination with other engineers. Importance of this interdisciplinary approach in engineering is also presented in this chapter.  
Download Basic Civil and Environmental C.P. Kaushik, S.S. Bhavikatti, Anubha Kaushik
"This Book is a very useful book for beginners in civil and environmental engineering, 12 chapters of complete Knowledge"
Environment’ is derived from the French word Environner, which means to encircle or surround. All the biological and non-biological entities surrounding us are included in environment. As per Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, environment includes all the physical and biological surroundings of an organism along with their interactions. 
Environment is thus defined as;
 “the sum total of water, air and land and the inter-relationships that exist among them and with the human beings, other living organisms and materials.”

Title of the Book

Basic civil and Environmental Engineering

Author of the Book

C.P. Kaushik, S.S. Bhavikatti, Anubha Kaushik

Publisher of the Book

New age international publishers

Content of the Book

Chapter 1: Introduction to Civil engineering
Chapter 2: Basic Areas in Civil Engineering
Chapter 3: Materials of Construction
Chapter 4: Construction of Substructures
Chapter 5: Superstructures
Chapter 6: Introduction to automation in construction
Chapter 7: Introduction to Surveying
Chapter 8: Introduction to Leveling
Chapter 9: Introduction to GIS and Other Survey Softwares
Chapter 10: Ecology and Ecosystem
Chapter 11: Planning for the built Environment
Chapter 12: Energy and Environmental Pollution

Preivew of the Book

Here is a complete Preview of Book "Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering by "C.P. Kaushik, S.S. Bhavikatti, Anubha Kaushik".

Download the Book

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C.P. Kaushik, S.S. Bhavikatti, Anubha Kaushik

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Download Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering Book by C.P. Kaushik, S.S. Bhavikatti, Anubha Kaushik [pdf]

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