Difference between Prismatic and Surveyor Compass – Types – Uses

A compass is an instrument which is used in survey to measure the direction of object. The compass measures the direction of object with reference to magnetic meridian. There are two types of meridians one is true meridian and other is magnetic meridian. True meridian A true meridian is a line of intersection of plane … Read more

Civil Engineering Jobs in ACE for Lahore and Rahim Yar Khan Projects August 2017

Associated Consulting Engineers required highly qualified and professional individuals that are dedicated to work at project site. The job is for multistoried buildings and infrastructure projects.Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE) Pvt. Ltd. For Projects at Lahore  Planning & Contract / Claim Engineer: BSc. Civil Engineering For Projects at Rahim Yar Khan, Taunsa & Mailsi  Resident Engineer: … Read more