What Are Atterberg\’s Limit? Liquid Limit Plastic Limit Shrinkage Limit

You might have heard a lot in geotechnical engineering lectures about Atterberg limits but today I have brought to you a very unique and useful importation about Atterberg Limits which you might not even know.  Albert Mauritz Atterberg was a Swedish chemist and agriculture engineer, born on March 19, 1846, received his Doctorate Degree in … Read more

To Determine Plastic Limit Of Soil

When the soil is added with water enough to make it paste like material it is termed as plastic state; in this state the soil can be molded into any shape without breaking and thus called plastic. If more water is added into the soil it will start flowing like a liquid; this state is … Read more

To Determine Liquid Limit Of Soil Using Casagrande\’s Apparatus

Have you ever visited a beach? Played with sand castles? If yes than you are lucky enough to physically use one of a very vital and important characteristic of soil which is termed as plasticity. Soil when added or applied with water go through many stages and phases. When water or moisture is absent soil … Read more

Ingredients of Soil Cement

Soil Cement is a low cost paving material when used as a base in the pavements for protection of subgrade, or used as a facing material for earth fill dams where suitable riprap is not available, or used as a bedding of drainage concrete heavy pipes, or is also used as slope protection. The ingredients … Read more

Download Book on Soil mechanics and Foundation Engineering by Dr. K. R. Arora [PDF]

Soil mechanics and foundation engineering (geotechnical engineering) is a fast developing discipline of civil engineering. Considerable work has been done in the field in the last 6 decades. A student finds it difficult to have access to the latest literature in the field. The author has tried to collect the material from various sources and … Read more