Punjab Youth Intership Program 2014

To give a hope to the jobless youth of Punjab Pakistan, Chief Minister Punjab, has issued orders for Punjab Youth Internship Program 2014, The PYIP is specially designed for unemployed youth who have recently graduated so that they can attain the basic training to enhance their skills, so that they…continue reading →

Linear Interpolation made easy

Linear Interpolation is a very efficient and useful technique to get a required data from a limited source of data. In Civil Engineering we have to deal with a lot of calculations like minimum thickness table in Reinforced concrete structures, in Structural Number Calculation in Transportation engineering and so many.linear…continue reading →

The daunting task of airport planning

Some times you as a civil engineer stuck in certain tasks where you find difficult in counting variable or parameters on which your certain given task is dependent on; Airport planning is such a daunting task; there are alot of parameters and variables which you have to consider so that…continue reading →

lab manual for SOM

Strength Laboratory deals with the strength testing of structural materials. While designing any structure, one of the most important concerns of design engineer is to determine the strength of any material that has to be used in the construction of relevant structure. The material should be strong enough to carry…continue reading →

NLC internship 2014

As per found in advertisement in Daily Jang 29 December, 2013, National Logistics Cell (NLC) a renewed organization in Pakistan, having hundreds of earth moving equipments trucks and other construction and it equipmentsNational Logistics Cell (NLC) Internship Program 2014 for Civil Engineers. NLC has offered a very interesting and useful…continue reading →

Free Download software MDSolids:

 MDSOLIDS: is software for topics taught in the Mechanics of Materials course (also commonly called Strength of Materials). This course is typically a part of civil, mechanical, and aerospace engineering programs and a number of related programs. The software also features a number of modules for topics taught in the…continue reading →

Windows Made of “paint”

Let me introduce to you a very elegant and eye-catching high-rise residential complex.Yichang Meijing - Cost - effecThis building named “Yichang Meijing” is located in China’s city of Gingdao in Shibei district. Did you notice anything strange in it.?Hope so not, but a very interesting thing that has shocked the…continue reading →

Dictionary of Civil Engineers download full pdf

Terminologies are different for different sorts of fields of life like medical, sciences, information technology, engineering like mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. In our everyday life we as a civil engineers need to memorize alot of words and terms which some times is difficult task. These terms easily made us…continue reading →

Download portable AutoDesk AutoCAD

Drawing is language of engineering, with words you can’t explain that much things precisely which you can with drawings. In Civil Engineering, the drawing is a necessary skill that requires aesthetic as well as technical skills. Civil Engineering Drawing consists of symbols and codes that are easy to understand and…continue reading →

Structural Engineer\’s Pocket book Download

Although about Structural Engineering there are alot of books being written and published, but that scattered knowledge and information needs useful arrangement so that structural designers and professionals might not get difficulty in finding the required information in a short span of time. This book titled \"Structural Engineer\'s Pocket Book\"…continue reading →

Download CSI Etabs 2016 v16.0.3 (x86/x64)

Acronym of Extended 3D Analysis of Building Systems, is a software by a Computers and Structures,, Inc. (CSI); a Berkeley, California based engineering software company founded in 1975. CSI ETABS is an engineering software product that can be used to analyze and design multi-storey buildings using grid-like geometry, various methods…continue reading →