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Heat Resistance Concrete: Unlocking Durability in High-Temperature Environments

When it comes to construction materials, few can rival the versatility and robustness of concrete. However, traditional concrete falls short when exposed to scorching temperatures, leading to thermal cracking and structural degradation. Recognizing this challenge, engineers and researchers have developed a groundbreaking solution: heat resistance concrete. This specialized variant is…
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Full form of TOS in Civil Engineering- TOS Full form

Civil Engineering is one the oldest branches in Engineering.In this engineering field, we deal with design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures such as roads, bridges and tunnels. The Theory of Structures (TOS) is one of the most important aspects of Civil Engineering. This article will cover the importance of TOS in Civil Engineering. What is TOS in Civil…
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Types of Cement Grades (33, 43, & 53)

Cement is a very fine substance that is mainly made up of calcium, silicon, bauxite and iron ore. It is a binding material used in concrete for construction that sets, hardens, and adheres to other materials to hold them together. It is manufactured through a controlled chemical combination of limestone, silicon, aluminum, iron and other ingredients. Cement cannot be used on its own, however it is…
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Determine Liquid Limit of Soil Specimen by Casagrande Method

The liquid limit test of soil is a laboratory test used to measure the liquid limit of soil and its consistency when it is wet. This test is a part of atterberg limits test with plastic limit test as the other part. Liquid limit is defined as the water content at which a soil changes from a plastic state to a liquid state. The test is performed by a device called a Casagrande apparatus…
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EGL meaning in Civil Engineering and Construction

In terms different levels in building construction, many important levels in construction are EGL, GL, and NGL. So, what is EGL full form in civil engineering? EGL is an acronym for Existing Ground Level that is used to specify the elevation of the ground at the existing state or current state. This level is critical while specifying the elevation of a specific building feature in relative…
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Under sluices - Function - Design Consideration - Types

Under sluices, also known as spillway gates, are an important component of dams and barrages. Their main function is to control the flow of water through the dam or barrage, ensuring that the structure remains safe and stable. Table of Contents Function of under sluices Design Considerations Undersluice in Barrage My visit and Observation about undersluices Function of under sluices When a…
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