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Workability of Concrete is directly proportional to?

There’re a lot of times you start wondering in the field that “workability is directly proportional to” either grade of concrete, water cement ratio, water content, cement content, or what? There’re a lot of factors that affect the workability of concrete and we’ll see some of the factor’s that directly impact the workability.By directly proportional relation, we mean that if the…
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The production of electrical systems, products, and gadgets requires electrical design, a crucial component of electrical engineering. It entails designing electrical systems and components to satisfy particular specifications and guarantee their effectiveness, efficiency…

Keeping Automation in Mind When Choosing a Five-Axis Machine Tool

One of the primary advantages of any CNC operation, including 5-axis CNC services, is its automation. The machines interpret computer programs, which often result in reshaping a material until the desired features are incorporated. With 5-axis machining, the device does much more than just machining and chipping through a workpiece. The device shows marked independence, allowing it to perform…
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Non-Destructive Testing on Concrete - NDT - (Different Types)

Concrete is a common building material due to its strength, durability, and inexpensive cost. To minimize potential risks and costly repairs, it is critical to assure the quality and dependability of concrete buildings.Non-destructive testing (NDT) of concrete is one of the finest techniques to do this. NDT is a way of testing concrete constructions that do not cause damage or destruction…
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11 Types of Contracts in Civil Engineering

While working on number of mega construction projects, I’ve got the opportunity to deal with number of different types of contracts in civil engineering. Civil Engineering companies including contracting companies and consultant firms’ work together to build and construct projects for employers or different clients.Be it a road or highway project or some mega dam construction…
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Determine Liquid Limit of Soil Specimen by Casagrande Method

The liquid limit test of soil is a laboratory test used to measure the liquid limit of soil and its consistency when it is wet. This test is a part of atterberg limits test with plastic limit test as the other part.Liquid limit is defined as the water content at which a soil changes from a plastic state to a liquid state.The test is performed by a device called a Casagrande apparatus…
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How to tell if a pipe burst underground?

Burst pipes are a common and frustrating issue for many homeowners. If left unaddressed, they can lead to a host of other problems, such as a break in the air causing a gurgling or bubbling sound when running faucets or flushing toilets, sinkholes in your yard, or even a lack of water appearing when it should. In this article, we’ll help you understand what causes burst pipes and what you…
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