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Download Presentation on Construction Machinery Planning and Employment [pptx/pptx]

August 28, 2014
The term,” engineer construction machinery” covers a very wide range of machines. Earth moving machines and cranes are grouped under the term, “c” vehicles.  Others such as pavement layers and finishers, compressors, road rollers, pumps and concreting machines have no group name.

Manufacturers are continuously improving their designs with the result that the specifications are continually changing.  Selection of right machine for the right job with its optimal utilization by taking care of trained operators its proper services and maintenance will always add positively towards the progress of engineer works.

Part – I Construction machinery classification and its characteristics.
Part – II Construction machinery service and its maintenance.
Part – III Construction planning and management
Construction Machinery Planning and Employment 

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It is a very comprehensive and very useful presentation regarding construction machinery relating to every aspect or classification and explaining the types and working of several construction machinery.

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