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Who is Civil Engineer? What are the responsibilities?

November 09, 2013

There are many people who would like to work in the engineering field as the civil engineer in recent years. What would the civil engineer do? You would find some ideas here.
In the past, the field of civil engineering covered many areas. For example, there would be coverage over the use of chemicals in the field. There would also be more details about the mechanical sides. But you would probably find that things have changed in recent decades. More and more specific fields are separated from the civil engineering field. They became the chemical engineering and other specific fields. The traditional civil engineer therefore now covers fields like design and building constructions. There would be, in other words, a narrower definition of the work that the present civil engineers would do.
Civil Engineers Doing Surveying
When you work as a civil engineer, you may need to start as surveying part. This refers to the measurement of the landscape as well as other features of the land where the billing is going to be constructed. It would be necessary to go over this step before the civil engineer can design the building features.
After the surveying is done, the civil engineer would try to consider the design. Apart from the beauty of the design, the civil engineer would try to work on the engineering design of the building. It would try to check whether some designs would be physically feasible. Some of the designers may be too difficult to be sustained over time. Some of the buildings may need a lot of money to build from the engineering perspective. These are all the things that the civil engineer would try to do at the first stage.
After the design is approved, the civil engineer still has a lot to do. They would need to take a look at the use of the materials in the construction projects. If there is any deterioration of the materials, the civil engineer would need to find a solution to the problem. This would be part of the duties that they need to take care of.
To conclude, the jobs about civil engineer nowadays might evolve a lot from the one in the past. Yet, there might still be some similarities between the job duties of civil engineer throughout the years. If you want to work in this field, it would be better for you to spend some time to find relevant information related to the job duties.

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  1. Saad, it seems like you do have point when you mentioned how present civil engineers now cover design and building constructions. This is something that I see here in South Carolina. More of those engineers are given extra tasks and responsibilities to do.