Practical Civil Engineers' Handbook By P.N. Khanna [PDF]

Practical Civil Engineers' Handbook By P.N. Khanna [PDF]

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This book titled “Civil Engineering Handbook by P.N. Khanna” has been complied primarily for the “Practical man” and should prove a most useful work of reference to the young engineers of various public works departments. The object of this volume is to give a fairly complete but concise account of the various subjects to serve as a ready reference for everyday-work problems which constantly con-front the engineers. Whether in the office or in the field, without having to wade through numerous books and notes. 

All possible efforts have been made to make the book comprehensive and complete by itself. Packed with as many details as possible. Elucidating in simple and plain language the engineering principles in sufficiently practicable and most easily applicable from free from advanced mathematics. 

Title of the Book 

Practical Civil Engineers' Handbook 

Author of the Book 

P. N. Khanna

Download the Book 

To download the Practical Civil Engineers' Handbook by P.N. Khanna PDF complete book simply click the link below
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Practical Civil Engineers' Handbook By P.N. Khanna [PDF]

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