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I am glad to present the book entitled Textbook of Strength of Materials in PDF form of 23.8 MBs to the engineering students of mechanical, civil, electrical, aeronautical and chemical and also to the students of A.M.I.E. examination of Engineering (India).

Well, I was so much fascinated to use this book in my graduation. Strength of materials was always my favorite subject in Civil Engineering as I love numerical and playing with stresses and forces of natures. This subject allows you to understand the objects around you and is purely a physical and natural sciences.

The course-contents have been planned in such a way that the general requirements of all engineering students are fulfilled.

During may long experience of teaching to the engineering students for the past 20 years.
I have observed that the students face difficulty in understanding clearly the basic principles, fundamental concepts and theory without adequate solved problems along with text.
To meet this very basic requirement to the students, a large number of the questions taken from examination of various universities and from other professional and competitive examinations have been solved along with the text.

Strength of Materials Text Book
Strength of Materials Text Book

The book is written in simple and easy-to-follow language, so that even an average students can grasp the subject by self-study.
At the end of each chapter highlights, theoretical questions and many unsolved numerical problems with answer are given for the students to solve them.

This is the pdf file for Strength of Materials download
See this is a pdf file

Strength of Materials

A textbook of Strength of Materials

Author of Book

Dr. R.K. Bansal

Contents of PDF

  1. Simple Stress and Strain
  2. Elastic Constants
  3. Principle stresses and strains
  4. Strain energy and impact loading
  5. Center of gravity and moment of inertia
  6. Shear force and bending moment
  7. Bending stresses in beams
  8. Shear stresses in beams
  9. Direct and bending stresses
  10. Dams and retaining walls
  11. Analysis of perfect frames
  12. Deflection of beams
  13. Deflection of cantilever
  14. Conjugate beam method, propped cantilevers and beams
  15. Fixed and continuous beams
  16. Torsion of shafts and springs
  17. Thin cylinders and spheres
  18. Thick cylinders and spheres
  19. Columns and struts
  20. Riveted joints
  21. Welded joints
  22. Rotating discs and cylinder
  23. Bending of curved beams
  24. Theories of failures
  25. Objective type questions

This strength of materials pdf by rk bansal is in pdf form of 23.8 MBs. You just have to download the book and open it in any PDF viewer like Adobe acrobat reader or Nitro Pro 8 etc. Please note that this book is absolutely free here ($0.00) no hidden charges no trial no registration required nothing. Just hit the download button and as it is the textbook of strength of materials is saved on google drive so it is the fastest download available.

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