Marshall Stability Test ASTM D6927

Marshall Stability and Flow Test is basically one portion of the Marshall Mix Design process beside Void ratios and Density calculations as other processes. Marshall Stability Test gives an idea about the sustainability and strength of the asphalt mix of various proportions under the dynamic loading of the traffic.As per…continue reading →

Marshall Mix Design Procedure

The word asphalt, asphaltic concrete, bituminous mixes all is pointing to the same things almost. The shining blackish paved road we ride almost every day and almost several hours of our lives are spent over them is asphaltic pavements.You know asphalt pavements have the highest riding quality among all others The…continue reading →

Los Angeles Abrasion Resistance Test

Abrasion is known as process of scraping or wearing something away, technically speaking; abrasion in geology is the mechanical scraping of a rock surface by friction between rocks and moving particles during their transport by wind, waves, gravity, running water or erosion. The intensity of this erosion effect depends on…continue reading →

Determine the water absorption of coarse aggregate

@import url(; The limit of water absorption by coarse aggregates is determined so as to calculate the appropriate amount of water to be added to the concrete mix, thus modifying the water cement ratio. A bone dry aggregate would necessitate, while for wet aggregate water contents should be reduced.\"Determine the…continue reading →

Determine the moisture content of timber by oven dry method – Experiment

To determine the moisture content of timber by oven dry [email protected] url(; ApparatusOven, weighing device, timber specimen.Reference:D2016-(Reaffirmed in 1983) ScopeThis method covers the determination of the moisture content of the wood.BackgroundThe moisture content of timber is the quantity of moisture or water contained in it, expressed as a percentage of dry…continue reading →

Everything you should know about the Aggregate Impact Value (AIV)

Designation (Number): B.S. 812: Part 112: 1990.Scope:-Testing coarse aggregates for resistance to ImpactAggregates:-combination of sand, gravel, crushed stone, or other material of mineral composition-Natural aggregates taken from quarries (natural deposits)-Manufactured aggregates include blast furnace slag, clay and slate etc. Aggregate Classification (ASTM C125) Fine Aggregates are defined as aggregates passing no. 4…continue reading →

lab manual for SOM

Strength Laboratory deals with the strength testing of structural materials. While designing any structure, one of the most important concerns of design engineer is to determine the strength of any material that has to be used in the construction of relevant structure. The material should be strong enough to carry…continue reading →