Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual [PDF] Geotech Engineering Manual

To study about materials is very essential for civil engineers. Civil Engineers deal with variety of materials like concrete, cement, aggregates, soil, bricks and various others that are used to construct or to support some structural load. The ultimate destination of load for any structure is soil. Soil absorbs as well as dissipates the load … Read more

Download Rock Slope Engineering & Civil and Mining by Duncan C Wyllie & Christopher W Mah [PDF]

A variety of engineering activities require excavation of rock cuts. In civil engineering, projects include transportation systems such as highways and railways, dams for power production and water supply, and industrial and urban development. In mining, open pits account for the major portion of the world’s mineral production.  The dimensions of open pits range from … Read more

Download Geotechnical Consideration in design of Pile Foundation [ppt] – Civil Engineering Presentations

Piles are the columnar elements in the foundations which have function of transferring loads from super structure through week compressible strata or through water onto stiffened or more compact and less compressible soils.  What are piles? They may be required to carry uplift loads when used to support tall structures subjected to overturning forces from … Read more