Download Building Design and Construction Handbook [PDF] – Civil Engineering Book

Download Building Design and Construction Handbook [PDF] - Civil Engineering Book
Civil engineering is a very vast and cosmic knowledge with gigantic
fields and disciplines. The theoretical perspective of the field has so
many points and groups of information that one can’t keep them in one’s
mind for ever and while working on the field there are too much problems
and troubles to be faced by engineers and instantaneous solutions to
such problems are needed.

In such conditions this handbook is very handy and advantageous it is
divided into ten major sections covering all the building and
construction problems and techniques from one sort of building material
to other.  It also provides one on one techniques and methods which are
very handy while supervision in the construction process and doing the
accurate management of the team and ensuring the perfect resource
allocation and doing the crashing as needed.
This book also provides perfect information for the allied engineering
like electrical and mechanical heating and ventilation systems.

Download Building Design and Construction Handbook [PDF] - Civil Engineering Book
Building Design and Construction Handbook

Title of the book 

Building Design and construction handbook


Sixth Edition


Frederick S. Merritt & Jonathan T. Ricketts

Table of Contents

Section 1 System Fundamentals Jonathan T. Ricketts 1.1
Section 2 the Building Team-Managing the Building Process
Section 3 Protection against Hazards David W. Mock 3.1
Section 4 Building Materials David J. Akers 4.1
Section 5 Structural Theory Akbar Tamboli, Michael Xing,
and Mohsin Ahmed 5.1
Section 6 Soil Mechanics and Foundations Robert W. Day 6.1
Section 7 Structural Steel Construction Bruce Glidden 7.1
Section 8 Cold-Formed Steel Construction Don S. Wolford
and Wei-Wen Yu 8.1
Section 9 Concrete Construction Edward S. Hoffman
and David P. Gustafson 9.1
Section 10 Wood Construction John ‘‘Buddy’’ Showalter
and Thomas G. Williamson 10.1
Section 11 Wall, Floor, and Ceiling Systems Frederick S. Merritt 11.1
Section 12 Roof Systems Dave Flickinger 12.1
Section 13 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Lawrence E. McCabe 13.1
Section 14 Plumbing—Water-Supply, Sprinkler, and
Wastewater Systems Gregory P. Gladfelter and Brian L. Olsen 14.1
Section 15 Electrical Systems James M. Bannon 15.1
Section 16 Vertical Circulation Steven D. Edgett
and Allen M. Williams 16.1
Section 17 Construction Project Management Robert F. Borg 17.1
Section 18 Communications Systems Tom Nevling 18.1
Section 19 Construction Cost Estimating Colman J. Mullin 19.1
Appendix Factors for Conversion to the Metric System (SI) of Units
Frederick S. Merritt A.1
Index I.1

Download Building Design and Construction handbook

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