About Us

So you want to know more about iamcivilengineer.com? Here is the brief background how this solid foundation is laid.

What is iamcivilengineer?

Basically, iamcivilengineer.com is a blog / community of numbers of civil engineers around the world, you might have hit on this blog by googling or might be you are a facebook lover or you might be a tweeting human, whoever you are, if you are living in a building and not in the cave you must respect civil engineer and must acknowledge their home i.e. iamcivilengineer.com – home of home makers.

Iamcivilengineer.com has recently started its journey in 7th July 2013, when its founder Mr. Saad Iqbal has been on summer holidays, he and some of his friends were discussing horribly about the requirement of an online community where all civil engineers can share their lives about their experiences, their findings in their life, where they can share their interests and let be living like a family in their common home i.e. iamcivilengineer.com

The name “iamcivilengineer” is itself depicting the purpose of the blog, whoever is there having some link with construction and housing equipments this blog would be the loving place for him or her.

Why iamcivilengineer.com?

Simply because it feeds you with bundles of topics and bunch of information you might not even get after you are hundreds years old. As civil engineering is the oldest engineering having its roots meeting the roots of humans in this world, similarly the knowledge and information we have on this topic is as old as the field itself, thus we require some mechanism through which we can store and share this information so that when someone needs it one might get it.

What Topics are covered?

We are covering from A to Z topics of civil engineering and all of its sub-divisions, primarily some of them includes, highway and transportation engineering, construction and management, project management, dam and foundation engineering, geo-technical engineering, structural engineering, water resource and irrigation engineering, environmental engineering. All of these fields again have some sub-divisions.

What are we actually doing?

When this idea of iamcivilengineer was being discussed among Saad and some of his friends, they have made a “to-do” list which includes the daily work they would do regarding the website;

Daily posting of jobs from various resources we have from the field.

Daily posting of atleast 5 difficult terminologies regarding civil engineering

Posting at least one article related to any field of civil engineering

Posting tutorials on different softwares like Etabs, Staad pro, Safe, EPA NET and all other softwares used in the field.

Adding  Books to make the biggest online civil engineering library

Finding and adding online Magazines ready-to-read type and subscription-required type

 Searching and finding information about the various projects running or completed around the world to make the biggest projects library

Adding Contracts right from Newspaper like Jang, Express, Dawn, The News to let civil engineers know about the incoming projects

Taking Interviews of the different notable civil engineers around the world and adding them on our website.

Respecting and recognizing the work of past civil engineers who have worked greatly in the fields and make their biographies.

Letting others posting Question and their Problems and let our community answers these questions and let the problems being solved.

Posting at least one building or some question and let our community answer it and give them reward at the end.

Making all the civil engineers of the world a member of iamcivilengineer.com and let them have a badge and a certificate in return.

At the end making first Student Magazine for civil engineers free online and cheap hard-copy delivered just on one call.

And much more which are secrets of course. 

If you want more info you can reach out to us at following emails:

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