Window and Door Types for Commercial Buildings

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Selecting the material type for windows and doors of a commercial building can b an overwhelming experience. You need to consider dozens of factors including aesthetics, cost, schedule, views, energy efficiency, accessibility, and durability. Also with some special requirements, you may require features like vandal resistance, blast-hazard mitigation, and even hurricane-impact protection.

With all these factors, you must know the different types of windows and doors for replacement in your commercial building. So, in today’s blog we’re going to explore some common types you can pick up from:

Common types of windows and doors for Commercial Buildings


If you’re after an architectural style and want to make a bold statement with your building; timber is a class to have. Timber windows and doors are among the best in providing premium insulation. From cold winters and warm summers, timber is a brilliant choice for great insulation. You can translate the cost of such windows and doors into reduced energy bills.

Timber produces are environmentally sustainable. It has a more positive environmental impact than almost any other material. Timber produces are known to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Anyhow, the installation of timber windows and doors requires some experience and knowledge. Because they can be drafty if not installed properly. Maintenance is another issue with timber products. You need to protect the wood from outside weather and the environment. Moreover, treatment for a termite is also a requirement.  


UPVC is a low-maintenance building material, in comparison to traditional painted wood, and is highly economical. Unlike hardwood and aluminum, it is cheaper and is popular as a cost-effective option.

Experts recommend uPVC in combination with double-glazed glass to have good insulation and keep your home warmer during winters. With uPVC, you can get different colors and finishes but such windows and doors must be energy rated to conform to the building regulations.

Despite the sturdiness, these windows and doors frame can sag and sash due to lightweight and are also not structurally too strong.  


Aluminum windows and doors are arguably maintenance-free and are considered best for energy-efficient and eco-friendly requirements. Because of strength, you can get a narrow frame in comparison to timber or uPVC type. That means it offers a larger glass area at industry-leading heights. Unlike timber, it is a thermally stable material and offers the best insulation. So, if you’re wondering about bi-fold or patio doors; give this material a try.   

Composite Doors & Windows

Composite doors are windows that combine the attractive looks of aluminum cladding with effective insulation of timber inside. It offers easier maintenance durability and comes with the charm of wood internally. With minimal maintenance required, it offers a high level of security and is incredibly difficult to break.

Composite Doors and windows come in attractive colors and designs that can elevate the overall look of your commercial property. You can easily customize the colors and finishes to meet your taste and requirements.  Composite back doors offer enhanced security as well as aesthetics because of the material they\’re built from.

When you’re a construction expert, you should know different types of materials. So, one of the best gifts for civil engineers is when a commercial project has quality windows and doors to work with.

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