Why You Must Call An Electrician To Check Your New Home

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By doing things yourself, you may not really fix everything in your home. Sure, you might be saving a substantial amount of money by doing so, but your relative inexperience can jeopardize your and your family’s safety. This applies particularly to the electrical aspects of your home.

Regardless of what you know about how the electrical system installed in your house works, a trained and experienced professional should still check and fix anything electrical-related in your home.  And not to mention, should anything happen after you do the repairs yourself, that attempt could potentially nullify your home insurance, leaving you liable for the cost of future repairs and any subsequent damages.

For that reason, if you have electrical concerns at home, it’s always best to seek assistance from electrical companies, such as Wallace Electrical Co or others within your locality. By hiring professionals, you can be assured that they’re more than qualified to service your home’s electrical needs.

That said, if you have a newly built home, you may need the expertise of a professional electrician to check your home and do the following:

handsome electrician checking electrical box with multimetr in corridor
  1. To Place Concealed Conduit Wiring

In cases wherein you’d purchase a new home, electrical wirings can be tricky. For one, you may decide to re-arrange the layout and how the appliances and furniture are laid out. Due to this, wirings of devices may be exposed and could be a risk for tripping and accidents. And as such, consulting an experienced electrician may be necessary as they can install concealed conduit wiring.

Concealed conduit wirings are electrical wirings hidden in walls by plastering using PVC covering or metallic piping. Aside from its ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior, it could also help protect the wires from external damage like rodent activity. More so, it may help reduce incidents of injuries.

  1. To Check Your Home’s Protection From Surge

Perhaps, you may be experiencing power fluctuations from time to time. As a result, the resurgence of power could cause severe damage to some of your devices and appliances at home. You may not realize it yet as it may not show up right away. For some, it could even take years to manifest. Then you’ll suddenly realize why your microwave suddenly stopped working.

That said, it’s critical to have an electrician install a power surge protector in your home. This surge suppressor helps divert excess power and reacts in less than a nanosecond. When power resumes, the flow of electricity will be restored to normal.

Today, surge protectors are considered essential, especially for those who work at home and cannot afford to have power interruptions and lose connection. This device can protect phone and cable lines, answering machines, televisions, and modems.

  1. To Install Safety Switches

Some homeowners feel that a circuit breaker and a surge diverter or protector can be enough to safeguard their homes from electrical complications. Though this may be true, a safety switch can go beyond the capabilities of both applications and may give the highest possible level of safety for your home. And an electrical can help you with this.

Safety switches can ensure your and your family’s protection from electrical shock. When fluctuations are detected in the home, they will turn off the power in your entire home. The sensitivity of the safety switch is remarkable, and even just a minor change in current can be identified swiftly.

This device can be a great lifesaver in many instances. It will also give you peace of mind knowing there’s protection for your kids at home whose curiosity about anything electrical could be insatiable.

Resetting tripped breaker in residential electricity power panel. Electrician turning off power for electrical outlet at circuit breaker box.
  1. To Determine If You Need Extra Power

Many homeowners purchase additional appliances that would require large voltage. And most of the time, these appliances may cause electrical circuit overloads, which can make your circuit breakers trip. Frequent circuit breaker trips increase the risk of an electrical fire. Even if your home is newly built, an upgrade of your home electrical system might be needed for the new appliances and equipment you plan to use. Call an electrician to help you navigate this properly.

  1. To Conduct An Energy Audit

A qualified electrician is best to assess your home’s energy consumption and determine how it uses it through an energy audit. Your electrician may make suggestions to help reduce consumption to save on electricity costs, such as installing solar panels on your roof. Additionally, it can contribute to sustainable practices to help preserve the planet.


As you invest in building a beautiful home, your family’s safety should be one of the main priorities. And in some cases, this includes seeking the services of professionals and qualified individuals to take care of your home’s electrical requirements. No money saved can replace one’s peace of mind knowing that you have trusted professionals to do critical and technical tasks for your home.

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