Which Types of Air Compressor to Use for Your Building and Construction Project

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So you’re in the market for picking an air compressor for your next construction project and you are finding that there are many types to choose from. Thus, making picking one for your building and construction project is a daunting task.

There are compressors with reciprocating pistons, rotary screws, or single-piston models. All have their pros and cons so you need an efficient and powerful compressor that gets the job done..

This blog guides you about the various options you have. So, let’s delve in: 

How air compressors and handy in construction and building projects?

The construction and building sector rely on industrial grade air compressors that are easier to operate and provide power to a variety of tools and on-site construction equipment.

So, whether you need power for drills, saws, air guns, power hammers or any other tool; a compressor machine has a lot to offer.

You will be amazed to know that in jackhammers, nail guns and compactors, rotary screw air-compressors are found. Similarly there is a range of pneumatic tools and equipment that rely on the power of air compressors.

The first thing you need in any construction project is a solid foundation. Audit the land for worms, large roots or weeds before you begin or the air compressor you choose for your project will be the least of your worries. 

Whether you’re working on a building or any other type of construction project, you can then use an air compressor as a mobile power source that won’t let you down. It is a highly useful machine to have  on construction sites.

You’ll find these compressors handy for an array of projects like infrastructure development, road building, demolition, and industrial projects.

Type of Compressors to choose from

High quality industry grade compressors like the Boge compressor or Hydrovane compressors, offer a wide range of options that provide oil free screw compressors in a highly cost-effective way that is energy efficient and of good quality.

While choosing the type of air compressor you need to work on the site situation and conditions. You need to assess your requirements like portability, power requirement, efficiency, and extent of work.

Now let’s explore some common type of compressors;

Portable Compressors

If you’re in a project where work areas are scattered and you need easy mobility, a portable compressor is a perfect pick. Due to the small size and light weight, you can easily transport it in a delivery van or pick up. Some models also come with a removable petrol storage tank, which further enhances mobility.

Towable Compressors

Another popular air compressor in construction industry is a towable compressor. As the name suggests, you can tow it with a vehicle and due to great balance and stability it can work on rough or uneven terrain.

Reciprocating type

This type of compressor comes with a rotating piston that compresses air just like in an engine chamber. They are ideal for medium-sized work sites like garages or home construction projects. They come either with a single, dual or duplex piston. But single piston models tend to be louder than duplex pistons. Dual piston models are ideal for higher tolerance or better cooling.

Rotary Screw

If you’re involved in work of continuous operation, a compressor with rotary screw configuration is ideal. They are quieter than the reciprocating type and thus can be installed to workplaces.


If you’re looking for an energy-efficient model, a variable speed compressor has such features. It allows you to reduce or increase output depending on the site requirements thus saving energy and money. A constant speed compressor, on the other hand, has a fixed speed of operation but due to continuous operation it can consume more power even without output.

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