What You Should Know Before Hiring Equipment—6 Important Tips That Will Save You Time & Money

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Starting a construction business can be an intimidating task. You need to think about the size of your project, how to quote for your services and what sort of equipment you’ll be using.
Before you get started you should know that opting for equipment hire from a reputable company will be highly beneficial to you. Most companies spend their capital on purchasing their own equipment but there are many drawbacks to this decision.
Know that equipment hire will always be the better decision because it will save you a lot of money and storage space. But what can you expect when you hire your first load of construction machinery? Take a look at what you should know before you start so you make the right decisions throughout.

Benefits of Hiring Equipment

Hiring construction equipment has many benefits that will save you a lot of stress. As mentioned before most companies decide to invest in their own machines. However, this costs a lot of money because the responsibility for repairs and regular maintenance falls on the construction company.
If you source your machines from a reputable equipment hire company, you won’t have to spend money on repairs and maintenance. You also don’t have to put in large capital on machines that you may only need a few times.
It would be pointless buying machines that can only be used for certain projects. With equipment hire services you’re able to lease the machines you need for different tasks.

Availability of Machines When Hiring

It’s important to source a hiring company that will always have the machines readily available to you when you need them. Most equipment hire companies have more than one of the same machines. This is so that the type of machine is always available to different construction companies at the same time.

Ask the hiring company if there’s a possibility you can sign a contract agreement with them. This will allow you to list the types of machines you need for a project. If the company agrees they will ensure the list of machines are kept available for you for the duration of your project.
You may have to put down a deposit to keep these machines from being hired to other companies but it will benefit you. You will have the construction equipment at your disposal at the appointed time.

The Logistics

Equipment hire companies have high-quality logistic services. Construction projects are typically done on a time-sensitive basis. The hiring company you pick must be aware that the equipment needs to be delivered & picked up on time, according to your schedule.
Ensure that you opt for an equipment hire company that will meet your needs.

Will You Receive Any Support Services?

Sometimes there may be a few complications with the machines you hire. Because the machines are being used on a regular basis it may cause system functions to slow down or stop working.
Reputable equipment hire companies have crews of highly skilled individuals who can repair the machines when there’s an unforeseen breakdown. The mechanics work fast because they know you’re on a time-sensitive schedule.
One advantage of this is you won’t have to pay for any repairs done on the machines when they break down.
The best equipment hire companies have fast reliable customer service. So if you’re experiencing any trouble you can simply phone the company for assistance. Read reviews to find out which ones offer the best service to their customers.

Policies and Procedures

Many construction equipment rentals will require the purchase of personal property insurance. This guarantees that there will be a full replacement of the hired equipment should the following scenarios occur:

    • Vandalism


    • Theft


    • Accidental fires


    • Damage from construction accidents


The insurance is designed to protect you from any legal action. Insurance also provides security for the equipment hire company in case of a lost or damaged machine.

Training to Operate the Machines

The equipment you hire won’t come with a trained operator. You’ll need to hire a trained construction crew or you’ll need to send your current crew for a course. Some rental companies offer operator training for existing construction employees.
Training will consist of:

    • How the machine works


    • Safety measures they must adhere to


    • Regulations they must abide by


Contact your service provider to find out what they offer and the duration of the training. Having skilled workers on your staff will be highly valuable to you.

Final Thoughts

Hiring equipment can be an easy endeavour because most companies provide straightforward information such as their policies and procedures. The company will also ensure you purchase an insurance package if you don’t already have one in place.
Use these guidelines to vet future service providers. Make sure you can work on all your construction projects with ease because you partner with a reputable equipment hire company you can rely on.

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