What Is The Difference Between An Inverter Aircon And Non-Inverter Aircon

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Nowadays, when you are seeking for the best air conditioner for your office or home, there are two most popular choices for you known as an inverter and non-inverter air conditioner. So, make your choice best to beat the heat this summer.
No doubt, there are several factors that you look while choosing the right air conditioner unit, but one of the most important factors that you ought to consider technology that is used in your AC unit. But, how to choose the best one between the two technologies that are inverter and non-inverter:
Read on to take a look at these technologies:

What is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

The invertor technology is developed by JAPAN, and nowadays, it becomes popular all over the globe. It is the technology that acts as an accelerator in a car. According to MCL Aircon, a aircon installation Singapore company, when the compressor of the inverter AC unit needs more power, it gives it more power. Similarly, when it requires less power, it provides less power. More specifically, an inverter ac unit contains a variable speed compressor that is always turned on but draws less power or based on the temperature of the incoming air and the setting which is adjusted in the thermostat. The company of aircon service/installation reveals the power & speed of the compressor is also adjusted accordingly. You can read the signs of failing compressor here.

What is a Non-Inverter Air Conditioner?

A non-inverter air conditioner unit contains a fix speed compressor motor. The aircon servicing Singapore company says that these air conditioners operate on a fixed amount of power at a fixed speed. In simple words, the compressor of a non-inverter AC unit has to stop and start again to maintain the desired room temperature. Yes, when the compressor is on, it works at full capacity and requires full electricity.

Difference between Inverter and Non-Inverter Air Conditioner:

The experts of aircon Servicing Singapore Company reveals some major difference between both technologies:

Technology in Inverter and Non-Inverter AC:

As aircon Servicing Singapore Company says an inverter AC is a device that changes the type of current from AC to DC or vice-versa.  Similarly, a non-inverter technology has a fixed speed compressor that works on “all or none” principle, meaning it switches on/off when needed!

Operation of Inverter and Non-Inverter AC:

The inverter AC is capable of adjusting the speed of the compressor that keeps control of the flow of the refrigerant to regulate the conditioned-space temperature as required. Similarly, a unit of non-inverter AC supplies a fixed amount of power that depends on the temperature of the room. According to the experts of aircon servicing Singapore company, both inverter and non-inverter need regular aircon servicing to increase operating efficiency and even to save aircon repair costs.


The company of aircon installation Singapore reveals that the main difference between inverter and non-inverter AC is the way they operate around room temperature. The sensor that is embedded in the inverter technology adjusts the power concerning the room temperature, as an outcome reduces the electricity consumption and higher energy saving. A non-inverter, on the contrary, goes on and off any time to keep the temperature within a certain threshold limit around the temperature of the room that makes it less eco-friendly.
If your inverter/non-inverter AC is not working properly, then you can make a call to hire an expert from the company of aircon servicing Singapore. Do you know how often you need to service your aircon?, Find the guidelines here.

The noise of Inverter and Non-Inverter AC:

An inverter AC unit works smooth as it depends on the room temperature and the outdoor temperature. The unit of inverter AC doesn’t make noise and even doesn’t go on/off as frequently as its counterpart does. Similarly, a non-inverter unit is less efficient and makes lots of noise as its turn on and off all automatically all the time.
The aircon servicing Singapore company recommended that both inverter and non-inverter AC units need proper and regular maintenance to works them efficiently.

Cost of Inverter and Non-Inverter AC:

From the above stuff, you got a better idea about the cost difference between both technologies. Inverter AC units are more expensive than the non-inverter units. The costs of non-inverter units are comparatively less than their inverter counterparts.
It doesn’t matter which technology you are going to use, but regular aircon servicing/maintenance is an important factor that you have to consider to increase the life span of AC unit and even save aircon repair cost. Please refer to our blog to know how much it costs to repair the aircon in 2019.
If you are in Singapore, then you can hire experts from the MCL Aircon, reliable aircon servicing Singapore company. Yes, the company provides legitimate packages on aircon servicing/ installation/ repairing/ replacing and much more! Please read here on our top 5 reliable and best aircon service providers list in Singapore and also our top choice.
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