Top  6 mistakes to avoid when building a new home

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For someone building a new home, it is indeed a dream come true, and as they say, dreams should always be perfect, and so should be the dream home. Unfortunately, knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to make many such mistakes that make us regret in the future. Here are a few of them that should be taken care of by all the new home builders to ensure that their dream home stays as perfect as they have wanted for a year to come.

  1. Unplanned HVAC system- Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are not only the most vital systems in a household, but also, a small mistake in either of them can become a reason for a huge mess all around. Issues like mold growths and moisture all around the noise make the house messy and invite several health-related issues to the family too. Similarly, the heating and the cooling systems, if not planned properly at the time of construction, can bring a lot of extra expenses for the new home builders.
  2. Poor planning of the space- No matter how big or small the total floor area you have, if the new home builders do not properly utilize it, one cannot have a spacious space. The point here is to pay special attention to the closet spaces. Most of the time, they are either too big that tend to take up the walking space, or they are placed in an irrelevant place, which could have been utilized for something more important.
  3. Poor lighting- Poorly lit homes are one of the most ill-constructed homes. Nothing can compensate for the natural lihtning. No amount of lightning systems can replace natural light. So it is very important to ensure that each home is well lighted with proper ventilation.
  4. Kitchen placement- Most of us think that how would the placement of the kitchen be a big deal. It indeed is. A kitchen at the very end or far from the entrance means carrying the groceries. One wil have to cross the entire house. This looks like not a big thing, but it surely is when it comes to being practical.
  5. Garage placement- It is another big issue often neglected by new home builders. The placement of the garage should be done in such a way that it leads directly to the kitchen or the bedroom. Th eons that lead to the common areas or the living tend to be messy with dirty shoes all around the house.
  6. Bedroom placement- People mostly think about what effect it would have if the bedroom is in an unsuitable place. For those, a bedroom in your house should be away from the noise because that is where you go after a full day of tiredness. That is the place where you demand peace. So, a bedroom must be quiet, with no external sounds.

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